Go Organic!

Today I decided to post optimism, mentioning a few inspiring initiatives going on around the world:

– In 2013 Italy followed Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece and Bulgaria, and became the 9th EU nation to ban Monsanto’s GM crops. Since then, so many more countries are going GMO-Free, worldwide: http://www.gmo-free-regions.org/gmo-free-regions

– 2015: “the Danish government has prepared a plan to double the areas cultivated using organic and biodynamic practices by 2020” (…). “The aim is for Denmark go completely organic, as soon as possible”. Organic Denmark http://organicdenmark.dk/: 67-point plan, Økologiplan Danmark, that focuses heavily on a more organic public sector.

– In South America, Uruguay has banned processed foods at schools, and students actually find real fruits, juices, and natural food to eat at lunch time.

– Urban gardening is growing through many major metropoles around the world, such as New York.

These news make me celebrate the possibility of a better food world for ourselves and our children. It’s not because companies such as Monsanto are big, that we are helpless and can’t make a difference. In fact, these examples show the power of people’s choices: don’t buy poison to feed your family, buying and growing organic is a major priority at this point.

Go Organic!