the importance of food in everyday life

If you eat well, medicine is useless; if you eat badly, medicine is useless – Ayurveda

b I’m Barbara Ribeiro, partner CEO at LUMI Brasil. What drove me to write this blog was my overall interest in food, which is much wider than the treasured delicacies we sell at LUMI Brasil. Food is what we are made of, and taking that for granted is a huge mistake. If we consistently eat unhealthy food, we will surely drive ourselves into sickness.

First of all, I recommend watching these videos on food waste, so we can rule out the hypothesis that GMO food filled with agro-toxics is necessary to solve hunger. Organic non-GMO food can feed humanity, and it’s the only way to do so while keeping people healthy. Plus, the monocultures that engage the holistically unhealthy food distribution systems are the certain doom of our soils’ richness, making our planet alarmingly sick in the process.

“Food is what we are made of” should seem like a simple enough truth to live by, but it isn’t for many people around the world dying of cancer and diabetes, in the name of the food industry higher profits.There is no reason why we should take a part in this poisoned market, since not even hunger is related to little food supply: it is known for a fact nowadays that hunger is a food waste consequence. It is essential to help a growing network of people engaged in saying no to food that makes us sick. This in return, must mean to increase consumption of the ingredients that strengthen our health.

It isn’t enough anymore to provide healthy food only to my family. I want sustainable organic ingredients to be the abundant offer, instead of the high priced items displayed on the shelves. We need to spread the word, so more people will sabotage the poison that the food industry sells us, by simply not buying highly processed food or vegetables and fruits filled with agro-toxics. This decision shouldn’t take into account how much cheaper these products are, since their consumption could mean very high expenses with health treatments later on.

The more people consuming only natural and organic food, the faster we will help these producers to sustainably grow their businesses. Hopefully this growth will bring us a future based on health and prosperity. That’s the legacy I wish to leave for my son. Through this blog, I want to connect with people who share these concerns. As to how our work at LUMI Brasil relates to all of this: we select our suppliers primarily based on the product tasting quality – which, in my experience, has always shown a deep relation to the production process. Healthy food tastes better, and we are in this business because we are food lovers.

I also believe the importance of food is broader than being our main fuel: the experience of an amazing meal can be both pleasurable and spiritually fulfilling. Hence you will also find in this blog my Reluctant Gourmet, a character inspired by Ruth Reichl’s writings. The Reluctant Gourmet is all about the pleasure and adventure inherent in the food experience. I hope you like her delicious chronicles as much as I enjoy writing them.


the importance of food in everyday life